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Jalal Johari Consultants was formed in 1994 and gained valuable experience on survey projects throughout Malaysia. As such, we are well placed to provide a specialised and professional service to the engineering and contracting industry.

Our company have been involved in various survey works and operate from two office in Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.These offices supports the company with local logistics, survey professionals and survey assistant’s.

Through the pooled resources and utilising the latest technology in the form of 3D Scanners, Airborne LiDAR, Mobile mapping , Unmanned Aerial System ,Multi Beam Eco Sounder, Geophysical equipment and conventional surveying instruments we offer the following unique capabilities that will assist the client’s Project Team to maximize the benefits offered by our services:

  • 3 Dimensional Aerial Lidar scanning and High resolution Aerial photography.
  • High precision control surveys for engineering, construction and mining projects
  • Monitoring surveys for natural ground movements and structural deformation.
  • Topographical and Engineering surveys using UAS for planning and design purposes.
  • Digital terrain models
  • Major earthworks and open-cast mining – field measurements and quantities
  • Setting out for construction – Rivers , highways, roads, railways, airports, dams etc.
  • Transmission lines – profiling, design charting and tower pegging.
  • Cadastral Surveys – Subdivisions, Strata , Stratum, Townships, Titles, Reserve, Gazette, Land Acquisitions and Land Disputes.


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