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High precision control surveys for engineering, construction and mining projects
Topographical and Engineering surveys using UAS for planning and design purposes.
Monitoring surveys for natural ground movements and structural deformation.
Non-invasive methods for locating buried services and other objects utilizing a combination of electromagnetic locator and ground-penetrating radar systems.
Capture 3D data using laser pulses to calculate distances, capture precise measurements and measure ranges
Cadastral Surveys – Subdivisions, Strata , Stratum, Townships, Titles, Reserve, Gazette, Land Acquisitions and Land Disputes.
Transmission lines – profiling, design charting and tower pegging.
Setting out for construction – Rivers, highways, roads, railways, airports, dams etc.
Major earthworks and open-cast mining – field measurements and quantities
Digital terrain model

3D Reconstruction of Sultan Abdul Samad Building using Handheld Laser Scanner.

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